Let's All Baby Naturally!

Who We Are

Hey Mama! My name is Christine. I’m the founder of My Hippy Baby but a wife and mama first. This is my family. I used to work full time at an office before I had my baby and planned on continuing to do so. However, plans never go according to plan, so I ended up becoming a stay at home mom. I never thought I would ever have the opportunity to do that, but here I am.

I strive to live my life as naturally as possible and I wholly apply that with my family. Having kids can turn your life upside down, but in a good way! Of course you all of a sudden have less time, less sleep, and more stress. I wanted to use only the best baby products with my little one but found it difficult and time consuming to research all the hundreds of products out there. I’m also a huge supporter of USA made products so that made it even more difficult to find the right stuff.

Starting My Hippy Baby gives me a chance to help you! I’ve learned so much and discovered so many wonderful companies that have the same passion that I do for natural, eco friendly, and USA made products. I started this company so I can share those businesses with you. I love supporting small business and that is where so many of these products come from. They are all special and unique and you know you are giving the best to your baby.

What We Will Do For You

Living a more natural, toxin free life doesn't happen over night. It takes discipline and dedication. Sometimes you feel like throwing in the towel and buying whatever is easiest. It can be frustrating at times, but we are here to help you get on your natural path starting with your babies.

We've done the extra grunt work so you don't have to worry about the products that come in your baby box. There's no funny ingredients, no chemicals, absolutely nothing harmful to your precious baby.

Our care goes beyond the purchase of our box or products. We promise to educate you and encourage you to continue your natural lifestyle through our newsletters, our members only Facebook group, and through email.

Please contact us with any questions you have about My Hippy Baby or simply about raising babies more naturally. Our tagline is “Baby Naturally”. Baby is a verb in this case and challenges you to take that next step in your natural lifestyle and to start your babies off right!